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Recently I had a great opportunity to sit down with some very successful people who I look up to. I asked them several questions on their mentality, success, career, and life.

I learned so much that I thought I would share with you all. Enjoy 🙂

I have been learning how to give back and help others. It feels great and I’m not the only one that has discovered this. Being of service to others is a significant part of living a happy and fulfilling life but there are many ways of doing this. Finding out which way is the key. It really comes down to self-awareness.

What is self-awareness? I used to think it was knowing when you are mad or aware of what you are doing or saying. The better definition I have learned is being aware of what you enjoy doing and what you are really good at and suck at.

Going all in on what you are good at naturally gives you a shot at becoming great!

I have been asking those around me what I am good at and bad at. It’s up to me to make them feel safe enough to tell me honestly. Unfortunately don’t have the gift of self-awareness so I must depend on others to provide me that feedback.

Investing in my strengths has been a game changer for me and has helped me develop the right habits and systems in order to set me up for success. Success is not a definition and everyone has their own definition of what success really means. I am creating my own definition as I learn more.

What Success means to me right now is doing the right things day in and day out to improve 1% and continue to learn and grow. Enjoy the journey. Success is not a destination but more like a way of living.

I now see the world as a world of opportunity and people who want to help me. Whether they know it or not I am learning from paying attention to others and more specifically to others who are doing and behaving how I wish to be one day.

Paying close attention and spending quality time with these individuals has been a blessing. I sense how humble and hard working they are. This doesn’t happen by accident nor does it happen over night.

One little step at a time creates a snowball effect. We all need to start somewhere.


Take it. Tell it. Become it.

One big thing I learned this past week was that great opportunities are not simply given to you because you think you deserve them. You can work really hard and become really good but if you don’t voice your intentions then no one may know what you are striving for.

Put yourself out there. Tell anyone who is willing to hear what you want to do and achieve. This will help to keep eyes and ears open for opportunities that may be in the horizon.

Always be graceful and humble. No one likes a chauvinistic person. Being humble is well respected and attracts people to you. Being open to people and experiences opens the world to you.

It’s not always about you. Give and help others. Provide value and take the time to find ways to provide value for others. You will enjoy the feeling of helping those you care about and like. In turn, they will be more than willing to help you in the future although this should not be the purpose of your generosity.


Have a clear focused Vision of what you want to become.

You can always change it but if you don’t have a clear goal or vision in mind of what you want to become then you will never make solid advancement towards what you were meant to be.

The biggest thing that was holding me back from creating a specific goal of what I want to become and be was that I wouldn’t be able to change it. This was my problem in college and I was so afraid of not being able to change my major or my degree. I completely disregarded the fact that I CAN change and the world is not going to end if I change.

Too many of us are scared of change. Adaptation is a key skill to learn!

It is not the strongest who survive, it is the ones who can adapt best to the ever changing conditions.

My life is much more important than a college degree so I should take much more effort in creating the life I want and live up to my own expectations. I hold myself to a certain standard simply because I know I am capable of so much more.

Making steps forward and always moving. Always pivoting. It’s okay to change the ultimate goal because you will have grown and learned so many things in the process.

All of this will inevitably help you find what you were meant to do.

Audit yourself and audit your time.

Take 10 minutes and list everything that you believe is the most important in your life. What do you want to be known for and what do you want your legacy to be?

Take 15 minutes and audit the time you spend in each of these areas. Is it aligned with your actions?

The more aligned you are with what you say you are and what you want to do, the happier you will be.

Love and be grateful for what you have and who you have in your life.

Each day is a gift, that is why they call it the present 🙂

Go open some presents and invest in experiences, not things. Make memories and create something you are proud of.

Don’t let life pass you by. Yes, it is cliche but it is true. Don’t wait, the longer you wait to do something the more you will live with regret. We don’t regret what we do, we regret what we don’t do.

What’s the worst that can happen? Rejected? Lose? But you can also win! The pain of losing is not as bad as the agony of regret! You can always pick yourself right back up. Get back on the bike and try again! That’s the point!

I am still young and have a lot to learn.

I’m learning from those who have many more years of experience than I do. I’m aware of how much I have yet to learn but I will always continue to study and take it day by day. Be patient. Great things are on their way.

~ Jessi

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