Why invest in yourself?

Invest in You
Invest in You

I keep pushing myself. Keep learning and adapting. Every day, improve 1%.

Expanding my comfort zone in order to explore the unknown.  If something makes you uncomfortable, GOOD ! Do it! You are old and wrinkly you won’t regret what you did do but what you didn’t do!

Walking up to strangers and starting a conversation. Just saying hello or striking up a conversation. Being an extrovert when I once thought of myself as an introvert.

So different how I see the world now. Before everything was so black and white. The more I figure out how much I don’t know the more humble I become. Staying curious and hungry to learn has been crucial for my improvement.

I can’t rely on others to give me the life I want.  I want it that bad that I am willing to work for it even if that means putting in the extra hours and waking up earlier and staying up later.

Let’s get down to the specifics:

Ideas: Writing down my ideas has been something I picked up from James Altucher. I highly recommend you check out his blog. Ideas are the future. Flexing my idea muscle has been my latest endeavor.  He recommends 10 but since reading Mini Habits, I have been setting my goal at 1 idea per day. So far I have been pretty consistent.

I push myself because I want to make my parents proud. I want to make my family proud of me. But most of all, I want to make myself proud. Proud of my work and give back to the world. Leave this place a little better than when I got here.

That’s easy to say but very difficult to do. One step at a time heading in the right direction and with some consistency I will get there. With much help of my mentors, coaches, friends, and family. I have the support I need, the love and care of so many. Living in a world of abundance. This mindset has been so helpful for me.

I push myself because I want to be better. Not better than others but a better version of me. Being Great in my eyes is fulfilling the best potential of my being.

I love to help others any way I can. I take advantage of any opportunity to help. No matter how small. Giving is so much more rewarding than getting. The funny thing is those who have the least are usually the ones who give the most. Positive Karma. Giving without the expectation of receiving is a wonderful feeling. Selflessness.

I was not always selfless. I still sometimes feel like I’m selfish. I ask for too much help, ask for favors, ask for time. I have the end goal in mind.  I know it can’t be always about me. I have to stop myself and ask what can I do for others instead of what can they do for me.

We live in a selfish world and selflessness is becoming more rare. I want to keep bringing this side out of me because these selfless moments have been my happiest.

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Jessi Mendoza

Washington State University Alumni, Financial Services Professional, passionate about Self Development and investing in oneself.

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