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Lens of Life ( Perspective)
Lens of Life ( Perspective)

Looking at the world with a different lens has helped me create more- posts, pictures, ideas, and connect more things together.

What do I mean by this? Well if i go back to how I used to think. 1 sided- only thinking about me, what is best for me, and how can I get ahead?

Now I think about how can I help others. I receive much more joy from helping others than receiving something for me only. I’d rather share now.

I recently heard one of my mentors say, “I don’t think the purpose of life is to be happy.” I got very curious about this because I used to think happiness was the purpose of life. Or is it?

I am in the early stages of learning more about this but a clue that I have picked up on is that one can strive to be happy but being happy is more like a skill than a goal. I don’t look to one day achieve happiness. It is not a destination.

This fascinated me. It expanded my perspective and I am learning more about purpose of life and I still feel like I don’t know anything. Sometimes I think that is the goal, to learn on this journey as much as we can. Soak it up. We only get one shot.

Seeking fulfillment has been on my mind lately. What brings me joy? What brought me joy when I was younger and didn’t worry what other people thought about me or care who was judging me. This left me with several clues on how I can incorporate these ingredients in my everyday life.

I have the freedom to still do many of these things and not care what others may think. I don’t care if it’s weird. I like it and find fulfillment in it. Even this right now. Writing! Ugh! I used to hate writing because I associated it with school and homework. But now that I have the ability to CHOOSE what I write about and for how long, it feels liberating. I find that I am happier when I write because I am creating something, a documentation of my journey, a paper-trail of what I am learning about. Not letting the days pass me by without taking a step back and noticing what really is going on.

I choose! I have the ability to take responsibility and give myself that permission.

For such a long time I got used to asking for permission from parents, school teachers, bosses, friends (subconsciously). You would never do something if your friends don’t approve of it. You probably still wouldn’t even til this day.

It takes a shift in mentality and in order to break out of that mentality you have to challenge your way of thinking.

It can be something embarrassing like how much I love great quality paper and pens. Now I simply don’t care what others think. If I enjoy it then that is all that matters. I don’t necessarily NEED anyone’s approval because I have already approved it.

One of the early steps that I took was thought about when I was younger. What did I do almost every day or what did I look forward to? I asked myself those questions and wrote them down. If you don’t write these down it does not help as much. It’s the same thing with goals, write them, don’t just think them. I keep telling myself this because I see the living proof of this.

I will write some of my goals down but then never look at them again. Where did I put them? Who knows!?

I learned over time how I can help myself be more successful at actually completing certain tasks and necessary projects. When do I feel like I have the most amount of energy? How can I develop better habits and get rid of bad ones?

Most of the work is done in the preparation stage. The more decisions that have been made beforehand the better. Sometimes the preparation is the toughest part, when the common belief can be that the execution stage may be hardest.

I find that it is easier for me to complete a task when I have already put it in my calendar at a certain time on a certain date. That has been decided so now all I have to do is complete it. Before I would catch myself wondering what I should do next and I would have so much downtime and wouldn’t accomplish anything. Now I plan, prepare, and think about my week, month and see where I am at with my monthly and yearly goals.

This may be overboard for some but I find that it helps me be accountable and it helps me do more of what I actually want to do. The key thing is to find what works for you. More than likely what works for me may not work for you. The important part is to do something! Do something different, experiment, try all sorts of things until you find your rhythm of accomplishing more with your day.

I used to get I want to get to a place where I am successful. Now I think about it on a daily basis. Did I have a successful day? Yes or No? The more successful days I have in a row the better chance I have at accomplishing my ultimate goals which are aligned with my values and metrics I chose beforehand. I trust the system because I trust the authors of the books I’ve read, my mentors and coach.

Little by little, day by day. Remaining patient. Tough to do but I have built my muscle of delayed gratification. I say muscle very intentionally because I really do think you have to work it out. I do it with money by saving and now I am applying it to overall success & achievement principals.

I still beat myself sometimes for not achieving enough or not getting enough done every day. It is difficult not to. It is something that I am learning to deal with though and loving myself more. What would I tell my best friend if he/she was telling me all of these negative thoughts and feelings?

I want to write more, create more art. When I say art you probably thought about a painting. I used to think that as well. Now that definition for me has evolved into creating something that is your own, your creativity in any form. Not only consuming info, media, and gossip. Expressing yourself in different mediums, whichever you find most fitting. Put more of yourself out there, be vulnerable (easier said than done- practice with small steps).

Enjoy life. We only get one. Soak it in! Help 1 person today. Be kind, be present, and explore- see the world with as many different lenses as possible. Diversity is part of the flavor in life. Don’t get stuck in your own view. Remain curious to understand others. Develop empathy and listen. Listen for clues and see if you can connect the dots between seemingly different concepts and ideas.

Read 1 page of a book. Create 1 thing today, ANYTHING!!!!! Share it! I am not the best writer but I am learning. With practicing daily I can get better. I still write even if I am the only one who reads this because I write it for me. If someone can find value in what I am thinking and learning about then all the better! 🙂

– J

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