The Strangest Secret

This weekend I listened to Earl Nightengale’s “The Strangest Secret” for the first time. Incredible value that I learned from this. I summarized my biggest takeaways below. I highly recommend anyone to listen to this. It is about 40 min but worth every second!

Many won’t take the time to take that extra step to take action or do anything about their life. Let a lone take the time to write down a goal in life. I challenge you to take 45 minutes to listen to this audio and take a minimum of 5 minutes to reflect on this and take the 30 day challenge with me! Write down a solid goal and fill out the card as well! You will thank yourself later.

Alright my biggest points:

*Act as if it was impossible to fail- Not thinking about fear

*Planting a goal in our mind, planting the seed and taking care of it

*“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Not a destination but more as a way of living. Have written down a clear and focused goal. Write it down on a card.

*We haven’t learned how to become financially independent because
We conform! We keep confirming to the 95% of the population. We cannot keep conforming and expect different results.

*Our mind is given to us, so we take it for granted- don’t Value it as much as something that we work towards- We must earn our mind-seek knowledge, wisdom & progression.

We all have heard the cliche , “If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything” Well it takes some time to really wrap your mind around that and understand the tremendous power behind this. Earl did a great job at explaining the reason behind that. Putting our mind to it and writing it down, constantly working on the goal, picturing it then It will happen. It is inevitable. Not letting fear get in the way, feeding our mind nothing but positivity. Planting Corn vs Nightshade in our mind. Positive seeds will return what you plant, you reap what you sow.

I really love how he explained about how powerful the mind can be to living a successful life. Taking action starts with the mind, anything REALLY is possible, Earl made living a successful life feel attainable and real. It won’t come overnight but constant progress will supersede anything that the other 95% of the people are doing.

The mind is so powerful, be careful what you feed it. It can work both ways. Taking control of the mind with Positive thoughts will deliver great results. Not worrying about the ” how “so much just remaining focused over time, it will eventually happen. With hard work and persistence. Believing plays a big role as well, trusting in the system that it will work out just fine.

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