The Power of Habits


We are creatures of habit. That is pretty well known and a cliche.

But when do we take a step back and evaluate our daily habits and how productive they are to where we want to go and who we want to be.

Every day is a choice. We choose to eat that cheeseburger and fries. We choose to go to the gym or not.

Changing this to a habit relieves our brains from thinking so hard about every choice that we have.

We create shortcuts on a daily basis. We eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast and have the same routine in the morning. Go to the bathroom, eat breakfast , shower, get ready for work.

Whatever your daily morning routine looks like, this routine is hardwired into your brain.

Just so that you see what I mean. Try switching one of your routines around. Shower before eating breakfast or the other way around. You will feel “Off”.

You can use this to your advantage by creating and developing great habits and setting up routines or systems that will help you reach your goals one day at a time.

It can be overwhelming to lose 25 pounds or to do some type of exercise, or wake up earlier. That is why you need to set your self up for success. How?

Well by setting such a small goal that it is ridiculous if you don’t reach it or surpass it.

For example. If you want to wake up earlier because you don’t want to feel as rushed in the morning then try waking up 5 minutes earlier, if that is too much. Try getting out of bed 1 minute earlier.

The goal will always stay the same but you can be increasing the minutes every week 2, 3, 4 and so forth until you reach your goal.

You can apply this mentality to many things, flossing, going to the gym, saving money each month. Make the goal so small that you can easily reach it.

This will give you a positive feeling that will help you reach your goals.

It takes a little bit of planning and some work but it is well worth it. Trust me.

I have benefited from this in more ways than one. So I highly recommend it.

Try it and let me know how you applied it in your life 🙂

Or you can choose to do nothing and as my mentor Ramit Sethi always says, ” a year from now you will be a year older. What will you have done? ” Don’t let this time pass by, use this time to your advantage and make the most of it.

Don’t expect things to happen out of no where. Things don’t just come out of nowhere, that is not how this world works. You have to take baby steps and small bites into your dreams. One step , one phone call, one minute at a time. One day at a time.

It is about the journey. If you were just given everything you ever wanted you wouldn’t even appreciate it as much as if you were to work for it. Think about your past and something that you worked so hard for. Your car, your house, your relationship. You are so much more appreciative because you know and experienced the hard work. That is what it takes.

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I am working on my goal of writing at least 250 words every day so I can improve on my writing and copy skills.

I appreciate any feedback from you 🙂

Thank you for reading! I am grateful for your time spent reading.

Your Friend Jessi ^.^

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