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January 2018 – Journey Update – WHY?

1st Blog Post of the Year 2018 – Why? Your why behind your thoughts affects everything you currently have, feel, and do on a daily basis. -Being aware of the why gives you the power and ability to change if need be. – The discovery of your why behind a goal or your life is […]

Deepest fear I have discovered so far…

I haven’t written on here for a while. I have been over thinking it for far too long. I am tired of second guessing myself. Now it is time to step up and step into what I am meant to become. To show up, be myself and make my dreams a reality. This is simply […]

Learning by Doing

Not waiting until everything is just right in order to start taking action. I kept making excuses on why not to start a podcast or this blog. There will always be excuses if you look for them. What you focus on, you receive more of. Gratitude. Taking a moment to look around and appreciate everything. […]