Why I started a Podcast?

A couple people asked me this question so I thought I would give a brief explanation why.


I started listening to podcasts a couple years ago and found them valuable. I never imagined starting one and here I am with 5 episodes down. I am excited and proud of this creation.


It is something that I am happy to have and I enjoy the process of creating each episode. Each guest provides a different perspective and I learn something new  from each episode.


I started this podcast because it opens the doors to many things that I value like, Learning, Creativity, Connection, and Growth, In a short period of time I have seen the difference and  impact that this project can grow into.


My sense of curiosity  brought me to this point of creating the podcast. I wanted an easy way  to create content so that others can learn as well.


I wanted to share and empower others!


It also gave me a reason to meet and interview awesome people.  


Through my quest for knowledge and truth I found my most impactful lessons came from conversations with mentors.


I did my best to capture what I learned onto notes and journaling about it but I still felt I wish I had recorded it. The podcast idea was born.


At first I was doubting myself.


“Who am I to create a podcast? I am no better than these already awesome podcasters.”


But I didn’t let that stop me or slow me down. I am doing this for me and to reach my full potential.


“Whose permission do I need to do this? Nobody!


I gave myself permission and it feels liberating!


I will continue to create and be curious with the goal of learning and seeking knowledge.


I aim to grow and reach my potential. I am capable of much more and I am determined to get there.


Now on to the next one.

About the author

Jessi Mendoza

Washington State University Alumni, Financial Services Professional, passionate about Self Development and investing in oneself.

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