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Hello World! My objective is to give valuable information that helped me get to where I am today and I hope that it helps you in one way or another. It could be from financial to travel information.  I am also passionate about Self Improvement. I have learned so much over the years and feel it’s best to share what I know and if I am able to change one life for the better then I will have done my job.

I have been reading a lot about being successful, financially free, and overall self improvement. I would never be here if it wouldn’t of been for a life changing book called “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. I highly recommend it and it’s the book that craved my hunger for books I never had. I hated reading when I was younger and in school but it was because I was reading about things I could care less about. Being successful and happy is something I care a lot about.

Jeff Olson
Jeff Olson

Reading is so crucial. I can’t believe I was so ignorant to think that I didn’t need to read or thought that all reading was boring and unnecessary. I had to find my area of interest so that I didn’t see it as a chore but as an opportunity to dive into someone’s mind who is more wise, intelligent, and successful.  3 qualities I find very important.  I am so happy and fortunate I started to read again. The large majority don’t read another book after college. Instead of watching a movie tonight.  Start reading a book if you haven’t read one in a while.

The moral of the Slight Edge is to do the little things every day. Day in and day out. Being consistent with the little things over time will turn into results that will have a snow ball effect. Just how I am writing this today. I would never have started this if it wouldn’t be because I am on a consistent search for learning on how I can improve, learn, and take action. Face my fears. Get out of my comfort zone. Again and again. Lose the fear of failure. Every time I get uncomfortable now I push a little harder because I know I am going to learn something. Learning is part of life and now I love learning and growing. I turned 27 this past week and this past year I have learned more about myself this past year than I have in the past decade. I encourage everyone take a step towards greatness. Leave this world a little better when you’re gone.

I don’t know everything, but I will continue to learn and share. I love to share and to teach.  Join me on this journey and maybe you will learn a thing or two as well along the way. Bare with me and my writing, I’m still learning how to write well. One way to learn is to continuously practice and practice some more. I would appreciate any feedback on my writing and subjects. I am open to anything  🙂 Feel free to leave a comment and I welcome you!


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