Short video on Getting Started

A quick 3 minute video on where to get started and what to do.

It is a mentality shift.

I did not want to read another book after college.

I was conditioned to not like books because I associated it with homework and that’s no fun.

Once I learned how important reading was I decided to go all in and start reading books on how to achieve “success”

Wait I should probably let you know what even got me to the point of learning how important reading was.

I always knew I wanted to be someone of value, successful, wealthy.

I didn’t even know where to start or what to do.

At first I thought I would come up with a genius idea and then create a product and make millions!!! muahahaha

Well unfortunately reality hit and that is not how it works.

No one becomes successful overnight.

How is success built? What type of mindset do successful live in? What does success even mean?

It is an everyday process. Success is a way of living and thinking. Working towards your goals and achieving your dreams.

You think of a way to make something happen instead of finding an excuse.

You think of the possibilities instead of the chances of failure.

Fear of failure is a big one. Failure is the cost of entry. Failure is part of the process. If you are not failing you are not trying anything hard enough.

You are staying in your comfort circle. That’s fine if there is where you want to live all your life. But you are missing out on what life is all about.

Living with intention and purpose. Knowing where you are going or at least taking the time to know what you are striving for.

How you plan your vacation from the job that you may not like is how you should plan your life. It is okay to change it, give yourself permission to believe that it is okay to change the course of your life.

You can make anything happen. As corny and cheesy as that sounds until you internalize this concept and believe it 100% without a doubt, nothing and no one can stop you but yourself.

You can make it happen step by step. Little by little.

Takes hard work, time , patience and bravery to not settle.

That’s my other fear. Settling. I don’t want to regret not striving for more or not reaching my potential.

I know I am capable of more and I measure myself to my own potential what I KNOW I am capable of.

I don’t think of myself as better than others or compare. Comparing is dangerous and I do my best to not get ahead of myself.

Challenge your thoughts. Do you think only because you didn’t grow up in a wealthy family or with great connections that it will always be like that?

Think about why you think like that? Why do you look forward to Fridays? Life is too short to always be looking forward to Fridays.

Everyday is a gift and learn to appreciate the process.

Sort of like a movie. You don’t want it to be over already as soon as you walk into the movie theater. You enjoy the journey. Day by day.

Appreciate the struggle and know that it is not easy.

What is the alternative? To give up and do nothing. Live in regret. That is poison as Gary Vaynerchuk says. Look him up 🙂 He’s pretty awesome!

Let me know what you guys are curious about…

What questions do you have ? How can I help? Leave a comment or message me 🙂

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