The Jessi Mendoza Show Ep: 004 Shiloh Schauer – Creating the space with leadership and giving yourself permission

Recording the Episode @ The Wenatchee World Building – Rufus Woods Office

If you interested to hear about great leadership stories and learn more about a true leader within the community then look no further. I am very excited to share another great episode with an awesome leader who many look up to, Shiloh Schauer!

She is the Executive Director of the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce and has been in the role for the past 4 years. The Chamber recently moved to 137 N Wenatchee Ave Suite 101 and they are very excited to hose an open house event on June 16!

In this episode Shiloh and I talk about creating the space. Which we uncover what exactly that means since it can refer to so many things. In this context we refer to creating the space for you to take a step back and really think about what is important and evaluate if your actions correlate to what you deem important.

We also talk about finding your passion, purpose, and living with intention. She shares some practical advice and an exercise you can use at home to help guide you in the right direction. We spoke about slowing things down enough to take a step back at your life and evaluate the most important things in your life in order to put things into perspective.

The theme of the episode turned out to be, “Creating the Space.” Creating the space in leadership to allow your team members to step up and achieve the goal and trust them enough to find their way to complete a desired outcome. The end result is simply magic even if done right.

It may not be exactly how it was originally planned but that doesn’t mean it is wrong either. Shiloh tells us a special story where she has volunteered for the past 12 years as a Senior Counselor at Cispus Learning Center. She lead a group of high school students at camp where she performed a unique exercise by staying silent and allowing them to complete the exercise with no instructions or input by her.

This is a small example of how thinking outside the box and allowing the space to do the work instead of feeling responsible to create the result as a leader. Sometimes leaders must step aside to allow the team to succeed and yes sometimes fail. Both scenarios can be a learning process for everyone involved and valuable if planned correctly.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did! Shiloh shared some great wisdom and many nuggets to take away from this.


Resources & Links
Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce
The Broken Way: A Daring Path into the Abundant Life by Ann Voskamp [Shiloh and I spoke after the episode ended about living abundantly and she highly recommended this book]
Brent Grothe -aka Big G
Karen Norlin
Linda Haglund
Linda Evans Parlette

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