The Jessi Mendoza Show Ep. 008 Ruth Esparza – Persevering through childhood challenges and becoming a proud Mother

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Wenatchee City Council member and Staff Attorney for Northwest Justice Project, Ruth Esparza has gone through some challenges early in her life. As a young single mother at age 23, she decided to pursue something bigger for herself and her daughter.

Being raised by a single mother herself, Ruth lived in a household where she was the leader and took care of all her siblings since her mom was very busy with two jobs trying to make ends meet. Coming from humble beginnings certainly has it’s challenges and Ruth overcame that adversity to become stronger.

She decided to get an education to defend the public, a life long dream she had since she was very young. She first thought it would be on the police force, but after finding out she had a health condition that prevented her from joining the force, she held off on pursing that dream. She worked in a packing shed with her mom, after dropping out of high school for a little while. After much convincing from her mother and hearing about the opportunity to attend night school, she decided to enroll in night classes at Westside High School.

Ruth went on to graduate with her GED from Westside HS, then went to Wenatchee Valley College, and transferred to Gonzaga University where she graduated with her Political Science Degree. She stayed at Gonzaga and was accepted into their Law School.

This goes to show that one can go through many challenges and it is the adversity that can shape your life to make you stronger. Ruth had some help from mentors and teachers who helped along the way but it was her attitude to improve herself for her family and for her community.

Please enjoy this episode with Ruth Esparza.


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Northwest Justice Project
Ruth Esparza, Wenatchee City Council
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  1. Awesome job Jessi! I’m so proud to see you and your initiative in creating this podcast and allowing the world to hear you and your guests. I enjoyed your conversation with Ruth. I can relate to her in so many ways. I am proud of her and you as fellow Latinos/as. Keep it up!

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