The Jessi Mendoza Show Ep: 003 Rufus Woods – Contributing to the local community and focusing on the possibilities


Rufus has a great perspective in looking at the possibilities and imagining what could be. He has contributed to the Wenatchee Valley Community and is a great asset to make this community better.


As a leader, he focuses on the possibility instead of dwelling on all the negativity like most media companies nowadays. He makes it a priority to seek out individuals and organizations who are making an impact in the community and proceeds to share the stories with us to learn from.


This sends a powerful message and serves as inspiration for those who are looking for ways to make an impact. It also takes away excuses on why we cannot do our own part in looking for ways to get involved. He has helped me see this community in a different light and be more optimistic on the possibilities for what is to come. No contribution is too small and the more people that we have on board, the better this community will be.

Rufus and I talked about how he thinks about community and what does it mean to him. His father, Wilfred Woods instrumental in developing the arts in the community. His grandfather, Rufus Woods Sr, instrumental in bringing the Grand Coulee Dam and the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project into fruition. They both had great influence on his sense of community and what it means to serve in making it better. We also spoke about his perspective in seeing life with optimism and curiosity and how he approaches conversations and stories.


I was excited to interview Rufus and put him in the hot seat where the tables turned and now he was the one being interviewed. I’m really happy we were able to hear the voice and story behind the person who has made many contributions to this valley. He is always looking for ways to help share stories about the successes which serve as inspiration for others. Creating more possibilities and connections between ideas and community members.


Rufus got to the heart of the matter of what is important to think about when it comes to serving your community, leadership, success, and being someone of service. Looking at the good not always focusing on the bad. Capitalizing on the strengths. Spreading more of the positivity and optimism is too quiet in the background of all the negative media and conversations.


With leaders like Rufus in our community we can ask better questions of ourselves to reflect on and listen closely to what can we do to help others and lift this community higher. Inquire within and take responsibility for what you can do to help make a better and stronger community.



Resources and sources mentioned in this podcast


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