Patience, some things just take time…


Recently I have felt a significant step forward and uplift in my own personal growth.

I feel like I have hit a new stride and obtaining the vision of what patience and persistence looks like and feels like.

The payoff of patience and delayed gratification is well rewarded. Obtaining this skill is so important.

How to develop this skill:

1. Be Aware that becoming good at something takes time and hard word.

2. Know your strength and become self aware. Dedicate the time and effort to find others who are better and can coach you to be better.

3. Put in the work. Day in and day out. Consistency is the key. Whether you see results or not. If you know that you are doing the right things and developing yourself then you are on the right track.

4. Document and reflect on the growth that has taken place. Sometimes it is perspective and taking a deeper dive into the journey of growth to find out more about yourself.

The compound effect is always working. Whether that is watching TV, eating fast food, or gossiping or reading a book, listening to educational audio programs and sitting down and having a conversation with a mentor.

It was getting really frustrating for me because I kept putting in the work, not as consistently as I would like but I still did it, and just now I am starting to feel and see the results of my hard work. I can only imagine if I had been super religious about my daily/weekly/monthly goals.

I have confirmed my work and it makes me hungrier for more and makes me optimistic for the future. I know I have many opportunities ahead of me and I have to be the one responsible for me own life. It is my responsibility to be ready and developed enough so that when an opportunity presents itself, I know how to take advantage of it.

It really took the pressure off of me when I realized that I didn’t have to do as much as I thought I did, but I DID have to be very consistent about my daily tasks. I had to accomplish my tasks and be responsible and accountable to myself. Plan my day/week/month out accordingly to my goals.

Before I would write down my goals but not do anything with these. I still managed to complete 90% of my goals which is amazing and still rewarding. It made me question if I am setting my goals too low?

Now I am treating my goals and tasks serious because I know that it is my life and my only life. I need to take advantage of this one. What do I have to lose. I need to make the most out of my potential. That is my ultimate goal, to achieve my ultimate potential as a human being and to help as many people as I possibly can.

The key for me was getting started and keeping that momentum going. I wholeheartedly believe in momentum and I have seen it play out in sports consistently and now in life. I can either use momentum to my advantage and work with it or it will be used against me. With life, your decisions, over time gravity will drag you down if you are doing,watching, and behaving the same. Stagnation is the killer of all growth.

I am grateful for all my growth and opportunities to come and I am happy to be alive and for my parents for instilling great values in me that led me to my curiosity for growth.

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Jessi Mendoza

Washington State University Alumni, Financial Services Professional, passionate about Self Development and investing in oneself.

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