Why invest in yourself?

I keep pushing myself. Keep learning and adapting. Every day, improve 1%. Expanding my comfort zone in order to explore the unknown.  If something makes you uncomfortable, GOOD ! Do it! You are old and wrinkly you won’t regret what you did do but what you didn’t do! Walking up to strangers and starting a […]

Time and Value

. Most of us go through time and get a job in exchange for money. There’s that cliche saying “time is money.” But is it really? Time may very well be more valuable than money. Ask anyone with Cancer. Time is so precious and it can be easy to forget that we are on this […]

The Strangest Secret

This weekend I listened to Earl Nightengale’s “The Strangest Secret” for the first time. Incredible value that I learned from this. I summarized my biggest takeaways below. I highly recommend anyone to listen to this. It is about 40 min but worth every second! Many won’t take the time to take that extra step to […]

Learning From Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Today I did a few things that were very different from my every day routines. I woke up really early at 6:30am when I didn’t have to so that I can read and have time for myself. This made my day a lot longer which I love. I had woken up early yesterday as well […]

Staying with the flow

I have been working on keeping myself accountable and recently connected with an accountability partner to help me with this. It has pushed me more than I really thought. A lot of what I have learned over this past life changing year has to do with consistency. Your daily habits predict where you will be […]

Starting the Journey

Hello World! My objective is to give valuable information that helped me get to where I am today and I hope that it helps you in one way or another. It could be from financial to travel information.  I am also passionate about Self Improvement. I have learned so much over the years and feel it’s […]