New York City Trip – What I learned, experienced and brought back with me

New York City Sunset
New York City Sunset

Several have asked how my trip went….It exceeded my furthest expectations, making it difficult to put into words.

Now that I have had time to decompress my experience…here we go!

It was the actual experience that was life changing. It is difficult to explain because it is like trying to explain to someone who has never ridden a roller coaster what it feels like to ride a roller coaster or go skydiving. You can talk about it by describing it with a few words but until someone experiences it on their own, they won’t know what it truly feels like.

I will do my best to describe, story tell, and dive deep into this experience. So come along with me on this journey 🙂


Heading into the departure I was very nervous, I didn’t know what to expect or what to think about. All I knew is that I needed to step outside my comfort zone and I knew I wanted to be surrounded by awesome people.

I felt abandoned in a way but I did this to myself. I put myself in this situation. Why did I do this to myself? So many thoughts running through my head.

I was going alone to a big city where I have never been to, going to an event where I hardly knew anyone. Now that I think about it, it is the unknown that is scary. Taking the next step without knowing exactly what I was getting myself into.

I turned this around and changed my perspective to think about this as an adventure. I challenged myself to be present as much as I can. Take the experience in and learn as much as I can. Not only from the actual networking/self development event, but from the entire experience from beginning to end.

I was doing something I have never done. Of course I was nervous, scared, and lonely. I pushed forward, I felt the fear and did it anyways. My purpose and goal was stronger and I valued it higher than any other emotion.

This was important to me so why should I let fear stop me or get in the way. I have let fear get in the way too many times. Get in the way of opportunities, experiences, and memories.

Not anymore. I am coming into my own. Listening to myself, getting to know myself. It has taken me such a long time to get to this point where I feel ready and prepared to learn and take life in.

This new lens has given me the opportunity for growth. I am brave, I am curious, I am capable, I am valuable. Positive self talk, instead of beating myself up talking about I am not good enough or why would anyone talk to me or listen to me.

My courage and confidence has grown from this experience. I don’t live with the doubt of making a vision come true. Over time if I put in the work, time, energy into making my dreams a reality that can happen.

Before this I thought this saying was just another cliche , but once I experienced it, I was able to internalize the concept within me. I feel it in my gut and my subconscious. I feel this gives me more power and ability to help make great things happen not only for myself but for others.

There is no price you can pay to obtain this shift. Was this trip expensive? Yes! But I would pay again without a doubt, even for this shift in confidence and mind alone. Money comes and goes, experiences are worth a lifetime. Life changing experiences don’t come often and when they do I need to take advantage of them. Instead of coming up with excuses I now take responsibility and action to make it happen.

How? How was i able to get to this point? What has happened? Where did everything start? How was i able to obtain this opportunity?

I ask myself these questions all the time. I can’t pinpoint exactly where or exactly what happened but I can say they are seemingly small changes that I have implemented in my life over the last 18-24 months. Reading, and feeding my brain positive materials to feed off of. (podcasts,books,audio programs)

Listening for clues from other people who I admire, taking action, not staying in the same circle of thought or action. Challenging myself to do better and improve. Life is a journey and I plan to enjoy the ride. Nothing happens over night but with a few key daily habitual changes my life has improved tremendously in every area.

Making it a conscious choice to change and evolve. Not being reactive but proactive on what I want out of life. Nothing will be handed to me or presented to me without putting in the work to get to that point. Going out and getting the knowledge and putting it into action.


How was my trip? Amazing and life changing experience where I learned more about myself more than anything. I experienced the upside of facing my fear going into the unknown and the scary places my mind made up to protect me. My mind makes up a lot of these scary scenarios where I think, What if I get robbed or what if I get lost?

I later realized that I get this from my parents. I know that if I were to ask my parents for permission and this was many years ago they would never let me go. Too risky!

So many things could go wrong. I choose to look at the upside now. I give myself that permission to still do things that are scary where various things could go wrong. I feel confident saying that because I know that I will learn.

My goal in life is to learn, be present, and share with the world the gifts of life that are in front of you if you just step forward into the unknown, as scary as it may be.

I learned that everyone is different and unique in their own way. I believe that is why I enjoyed New York so much, because there is so much variety of not only people but perspectives, culture, and experiences to be had. Abundant amount of adventures to be enjoyed. I see myself in New York in the future, I am not going to lie.


The Real Scary Part:

Being surrounded by so many unknown people can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. I experienced all sorts of emotions. Not knowing who to talk to or what to talk about. Having awkward social interactions and getting over this fear and feelings was a journey on its own. I pushed through and met incredible people who I was able to connect with on a personal level.

I am by no means perfect but I did challenge myself before the trip that I was going to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone as much as possible. Everyone keeps saying, outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens. i did it! I experienced the magic. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Often the thing we fear the most, is the very thing we need to do! I believe it is Tim Ferriss who says that. Highly recommend his podcast.

I felt like an imposter, who am I to be at this event. I am not successful enough, or have a multi six figure business, or even something of value to give to others. Slowly but surely I have been able to uncover my valuable strengths and find ways to provide value for other people who I look up to or would like to build a relationship with. I am valuable. I am good enough.

The 1 key thing:

I learned that I am on the right track and learning a lot. Now it is time to put in more work and double down. Double down on my strengths, personal growth, and get the most out of life. Life is beautiful and there is so much to be grateful for.

Aligning myself, my values and my mission/quest in life to what I care about the most. Nothing and no one can stop me except myself. I will die trying to achieve this.

It is so hard to describe the feeling and mindset shift that I experienced. I can only describe some of the feelings and circumstances in which I experienced them but everyone goes through their own journey differently.

Finding ways for others to experience their own version of this is their responsibility. Everyone has a different set of values and beliefs and I completely respect that. I always tell myself it is not weird, it is simply different. I say this a lot when it comes to cultures and their customs as well.

I see differences now as opportunities to learn. I am not afraid to dig deeper and scratch my own itch on what I am curious about. Whether that be business, success, happiness, wealth, love and relationships.

I feel comfortable in my own skin. Questioning when I catch myself judging others, because in all reality it is a reflection on me. My insecurities are intertwined in those judgements. It is up to me to figure out why I judged a person in the first place. Taking a step back and being aware of those thoughts gives me power to question these thoughts.

Feel free to comment, PM me, or email with any questions 🙂 I would be more than happy to expand on a certain subject or dig deeper on a specific area that you found interesting.

Thank you , I am grateful for you! 🙂


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