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Help Others and be of Service
Help Others and be of Service

I used to think what is in it for me. Why should I take the time or money to pay for someone else? Being selfish was simply what I was accustomed to. I need to look out for myself. Boy was I wrong.

I didn’t know any different. I was happy. So I thought. I began to rethink about this a few years ago and thought about others and started to care more. I learned that giving feels better than receiving.

I didn’t think this was possible. After all, the more for me, the better, right? WRONG! I had a breakthrough. I tested it several times if at any point in time I felt bad about giving I would need to rethink this I told myself. That never happened.

This me, me, me mentality is called a scarcity mentality. I opened my eyes and looked around me. Paid attention to the world we live in today. We live in an abundant world. We have more than enough. We choose for ourselves what we choose to see and feel. It is up to us to make that decision. When you give more you create more.

It is not like a pizza where you give someone a slice of your pizza and you have one less slice. It is more like a beautiful fire that is lit inside you and it spreads with others. The more you spread, the warmer you will feel. Try it for yourself. You don’t lose anything.

I chose for myself that I will always live and act abundantly. When you give, you receive in many ways and in many forms. Give without the expectation of receiving anything back. When you give you don’t lose anything, you gain something much more important. The FEELING of helping and being of service. You can’t put a price on that.  Contributing to something better.

This doesn’t need to be something big. It could mean paying for someone’s coffee behind you in line. You see, kindness spreads. When you do something nice for someone, they want to do something nice for others as well. Think about a time when someone did something really nice and unexpected for you. How did that feel? Really good I’m sure, but not as good as that person felt helping you out.

Giving could take many forms, whether it is giving of your time to help others who are in need. Something small goes a long way. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Begin with doing small kind gestures for others. Remember that feeling of helping. Hold onto that feeling for as long as possible. It is incredibly motivating to continue to do more. Be more.

Challenge of the week:

Spend $5 on someone else’s coffee, drink, small item that made you think about that person)


Spend less than 5 minutes helping someone with:

putting away groceries into their car, or

hold the door open at a store for a few minutes, or pick up some random garbage.

It can be small but it will be great no matter what! Know that you did something good and worthwhile. You are not just alive and passing through life. Taking action on helping others.

Love and Give. Please stop and think about what you are consuming (Netflix, TV, FB, Snapchat, Instagram, News) and start thinking of what you can create and bring value to the world and to those around you.

Grateful for you, yes YOU who read all the way to the bottom! 🙂 I value you and thank you! I appreciate your support and let me know in the comments if you liked it!


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