The Jessi Mendoza Show: Ep. 005 Linda Haglund- The Cheerleader for the community and finding the good in everything



Linda Haglund, Executive Director of the Wenatchee Downtown Association, joins us on the show with her amazing energy and community spirit. She was born and raised in Wenatchee and that a part of how she has been able to create, develop, and nurture so many relationships within the community. She is well known as a leader and connector. I love her passion and energy towards community and focus on how can we make this community better.


Linda learned from her parents to always look for the good in everything. This sets her up with an optimistic mindset which helps to  stay positive even when tragic strikes like the Sleepy Hollow Fire a couple years ago. The positive side of that was how the community stepped up and supported one another any way they could.


“Be true to your brand” was a theme that came up and what that means to her is that you always have to be true to yourself and be authentic. That is what others connect to and who the community connects to. Always be who you really are, do what you say you’re going to do and follow through. Follow up, be real, and stay connected. It is your responsibility to be proactive and engage with your community. Show up, listen, and figure out how you can help or connect them to someone who can help. If you’re heart and passion is not fully behind the purpose then step aside so someone who is can fill that spot. These are core principles to live by when engaging with the community according to Linda.


Linda recently went on a trip to Mexico along with many other community leaders including Ruth Esparza, Mario Cantu, and Mayor Frank Kuntz.This was a great opportunity for community leaders to learn about culture, commerce, and how the government and economy works in Mexico. Linda raved about the experience and loved every minute of it. One of the key takeaways for her was, “how do we get to the YES.” This came from an economic development official in the city of Aguascalientes and what she was talking about was we all get “No’s” in a new business and in bureaucracy, but how do we get to the yes is the key. Figuring out the possibilities and finding a way to make it work instead of dwelling on the negativity.


I really enjoyed spending some time with an amazing woman like Linda and I’m sure you will enjoy listening to her as well. Her passion for the community is something that we can all learn from and she literally cries and cheers for the community in this episode!


Links and Resources:

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