Learning by Doing

Not waiting until everything is just right in order to start taking action.

I kept making excuses on why not to start a podcast or this blog.

There will always be excuses if you look for them.

What you focus on, you receive more of.


Taking a moment to look around and appreciate everything.

How did I get up to this point? By one day emailing a complete stranger and asking for a couple pointers.


Fear is still present but not overthinking it and just doing it was important for me to get to this step in my journey.

Still, it’s not easy to remain consistent. Instead of beating myself up, I am now proud of myself and pick myself back up because I know I am doing my best.

Having a positive mental attitude has kept me alive and on the right track. Most of the time.

Realistic optimism.

I am first proud of myself. Love myself and appreciate myself.

If I can do that on a daily basis, then confidence is what will continue to grow out of the process.

This is no overnight process either. Remaining patient both with the journey as well as with the results.

You don’t have to know everything, but you do have to take the first step at some point.


That goes for anything that you want to do. We can all benefit from more doing.

Look at who we all look up to. They did. They didn’t wait for permission. Give yourself the permission.

You can always find a way. There’s always another way.

It is easier to hide and not do. You must do, if not, you will regret it. Regret is poison.

I am also learning about appreciating the journey that I am on.

Not letting the results or feedback drive and fuel my journey.

It’s my own curiosity that is driving me and because I enjoy the doing part of it all. Everything else is simply a byproduct.

My journey will be dramatically different than whichever successful person I compare myself to.

(I’m attempting to compare myself less since I’ve seen that is when I see myself in the darkest of ways.)

All of us are different and I am grateful for that. We have something to share with the world.

In order to share we connect and share with each other. Through stories, art, and education to help us along.

It’s so interesting that we all have different perspectives and journeys.

Learn from others, even if you disagree with their view.

We can apply different lenses to life and learn in various ways to see the world in a fresh new way.

Come up with creative solutions and contributions we can leave behind long after we are gone.

That creates legacy, which is what I am after.

This right now, writing this is something that I haven’t done in a while. I am guilty of not being consistent, but instead of beating myself up I am padding myself on the back for sitting here and documenting my journey as I continue to tackle this mysterious life and do my best to navigate my way through.

This is another step to discovery and growth. Learn more about myself and the community we live in.

I appreciate you and your journey through this life.

Remain curious. Always.

Be you. Love all.



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Jessi Mendoza

Washington State University Alumni, Financial Services Professional, passionate about Self Development and investing in oneself.

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