My Journey of becoming an Entrepreneur

Journey to Entrepreneurship
Journey to Entrepreneurship

When I graduated from college I thought I would be able to find a job that satisfied me and make so much money.

Well reality hit and it is tough out here in the real world.

In school we are not prepared enough to face the wild world. It can be challenging to face the constant obstacles of life and career.

It is not simple nor clear what needs to be done to achieve “success”.

I am on a mission to get a clearer vision of what success is and what it entails.

So far I have loved the journey to find out and learn more. The more I learn the more I grow. The more I grow to learn and step outside my comfort zone.

At my young age of 28, relatively speaking, I have not been through enough to give advice or to pretend that I know more than others.

I am eager and hungry for knowledge and for growth. I have great intentions and that is why I feel perfectly fine putting myself out there and writing.

I care for others and I want to help any way I can. Before I can help others I have to invest in myself and make me the best possible version of myself. That may not make sense to some of you so let me explain.

I am hoping that by explaining what I am going through and have gone through that one of you will learn from my mistakes so it will avoid some frustrations.

Sometimes we have to experience troubles and tribulations to experience growth and change. A change in mindset and how we think. I think a lot differently now than 6 months ago or even 1 year ago.

Sometimes I feel like I take two steps forward and 3 steps back as cheesy as that sounds it’s true and it’s irritating to feel that way.

As long as I stay on the path of growth and change, I know that I will continue to evolve and learn from mentors, books, courses, and conferences.

Life is long and it is short.

Life is long and you can accomplish a lot of great things. I don’t want to regret not even trying to reach my dreams and goals. Don’t under estimate what you can accomplish in the next 10 years. I don’t want to grow old and say, “I wish I would have tried harder or done something greater with my life.”

Having potential to do great things is not enough. Action and determination is what makes things happen.

Regret is poison. Worth trying and doing than contemplating later on on what could’ve happened.

Life is short. Too short to waste precious time and energy on negative thinking and focusing on the small stuff. If it is something that a year from now you will forget then it is not a big deal and you should move on.

Here I am documenting my journey as I maneuver through life and figure my way through this crazy world and find my place and calling.

It is a big world and there is so much opportunity to do great things for others. As Tony Robbins says, “The secret of living is giving.”

I want to give and leave something behind for this world. Live for something greater than myself. In that I believe I can find purpose and meaning. That is what will make me the happiest.

Trust me I haven’t figured it all out. But you can bet your ass that I will die fighting to do what I can in order to take the appropriate steps forward in the right direction.

It won’t be easy and it won’t make sense a lot of the time. I am confused and frustrated that I don’t have the roadmap. But then again no one does. I am in the same boat as many other successful people. I have the same opportunities.

If someone like me figured it out then I am sure I can too. I am not the smartest person in the world but I am very curious and driven. These two qualities have gotten me this far and I believe in myself enough to believe that I will achieve something great.

I owe it to myself, my family, and my ancestors to achieve my potential and to not be fearful. Fear stops too many from achieving amazing things. I choose to be creative and to go left when everyone else is going right. I am foolish enough to believe that I am doing the best thing for me and that I stand a better chance of achieving some level of success.

I refuse to be average and to settle. I am willing to be courages and face my own fears and negative thoughts. Thoughts are only thoughts, we choose to think through and process those thoughts or to choose positive optimistic thoughts.

I choose glass half full. The best is yet to come. So stay tuned….for the next episode! lol 🙂

Much love and Thank you to all of you who support me and read until these posts.

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Jessi Mendoza

Washington State University Alumni, Financial Services Professional, passionate about Self Development and investing in oneself.

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