Learning to Love the Journey


The dream of becoming a successful businessman has always been with me. I used to focus only on the end goal. This led to impatience and frustration at myself for not reaching the goal yet. In the world where everything is about instant gratification, my delayed gratification muscle was still very weak. Why do I not have a business up and running? Why am I not as successful as I see myself yet?


This was a miserable feedback loop and I kept beating myself up.


I wanted to find a better way to look at my journey and feel better about my progress and what I was currently doing.


I wanted to feel that I was doing the right thing and concentrating on what I should be doing.


Here is what I did:


I started to see how important it was to be doing something worthy not only because of the ultimate goal but also because I will love the journey of getting there. Learning to love the journey, the process, and the pain has been a journey in itself.


It is still painful but it’s more the type of soreness you feel the day after a good day at the gym doing leg day. Can hardly even walk and look like you pooped your pants. The journey takes a lot longer than obtaining the end result. That’s the point. The journey is where the magic happens.


Finding my why and my reason behind became the number one priority at that point. Why am I doing all of this? For who? What for?


The answers to these questions became the fuel that enabled me to stay on the journey even when it seemed too hard or hopeless.


Now the reason is stronger and the end goal has evolved into feelings and emotions. I want to be feel wealthy and financially independent. This is more of a mindset more than anything.


I want to be doing meaningful work and not trade my time for money. I want to impact others in a positive way and create value for others to benefit from.  I want everyone to benefit and the community to prosper and have new leaders step up.


Then I realized I can start to feel that way now because it is a state of mind. My mind is what will help me get these results and I can’t get the results if my mentality is not in the right place.  Staying positive and focusing on what I can do to achieve results as opposed to only looking up at the top of the mountain,I am now looking at the present day and enjoying the experience and not comparing myself all the time. Not comparing myself to others or the top of the mountain. Only focusing on becoming my best self and reaching my potential. That is my dream.


I started to look in the mirror and pay attention if my every day actions are mapping my goals and ambitions. The challenge that I am facing right now is maintaining a balance with my personal life and working on my goals. I still need to find a way to make this work but I make time for what is important and being a successful leader is very important for me. Being a leader for my family and in my professional career. Not coming up with excuses or simply letting other life events get in the way of my biggest dreams.


I can’t see the immediate results every day. It takes many months and sometimes years to see something significant. Soon I will see massive results from my hard work and dedication to my goals and my dedication to learn, improve, grow  and evolve.


I am always eager to learn and grow. I am very curious and that curiosity has driven me up to this point of my journey. More action less dwelling is my motto these past few weeks. Don’t think, just do. I don’t need more information or someone’s permission. I have the freedom and ability to achieve and do what I want. No one and no thing can stop me.


Now it is time for more action. I have hit critical mass of knowledge and action is what follows. The learning will transpire from the massive action I take.


I would let others opinions and thoughts hold me back before. Now I care less and only wanting to do this for myself because I believe in myself that much. My confidence in myself is growing and gaining momentum every day. You’re about to see history in the making.


Jessi Mendoza


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Jessi Mendoza

Washington State University Alumni, Financial Services Professional, passionate about Self Development and investing in oneself.

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