The Jessi Mendoza Show: Ep. 002- Dr. Gene Sharratt: Becoming an educated individual and getting involved with your community

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If you are interested in learning about how to build an extraordinary life then look no further. I am very excited for today’s episode, my guest has achieved so much in the educational field and has excelled in his career. He continues to give back to the community and finds new ways to lift others up.


Gene Sharratt was the Executive Director for the Washington State Achievement Council under Governor Jay Inslee’s cabinet for 3 years. He is a Washington State University Alumni! Go Cougs! Gene has a vast amount of experience in the higher education field so I was very curious to ask him what he has learned about students who have excelled and what was required of them in order to see achieve outstanding results. He goes over how at home is the first school and there is where values are taught. Home is where conversations about higher education should be given and instilled in a child’s mind.


Higher education could mean many different things not only a 4 year degree but there is technical degrees and mentors who you can learn a great deal from as well. The process of becoming an educated individual can look a few different ways but always being in the pursuit of knowledge and looking for ways to learn and grow throughout all of our lives is a must.


I learned many things in this episode with Gene and he has a strong vision of what he wants to achieve and gives us advice on what we can do to see results in our own lives. We talk about having a vision and mission in life and taking the appropriate steps to get there. Having a strong mission and a clear vision is where it starts and being around those leaders who can lift you up and help you is where you want to be.


You will be successful by taking these small steps and always moving forward. Not dwelling and regretting the past, but also not fearing the future. This keeps you aways from the present day where you can take action and do something about your current situation.


We also dive into fear of rejection and how we can reframe that in our own minds.  Maintaining a positive attitude and never giving up on your mission and vision for your life.


Another topic that we go over is getting more involved in the community and what steps we can all take in order to do our part in giving back to this community that has given us so much. We have great volunteers in this community and youngsters who are looking for ways on how to get involved.


In this episode you will also learn how to get in contact with influencers, the movers and shakers in your community and a strategy that can help you get started in building your connection to the community.


I hope you enjoy this episode with Gene Sharratt and below are a few resources for you which we spoke about in the episode.


Contact info Email:

Gene’s Tedx Video: mentioned: 13min 13 sec



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