The Jessi Mendoza Show Podcast Ep. 010 Frank Kuntz – Leading a city as Mayor and developing the foundation for community prosperity

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I’m very excited for this new episode! Frank is heavily involved in the community and thinks big! I enjoy talking to people who think really big and long term!

As the City of Wenatchee Mayor, Frank Kuntz is a leader who many look up to and for many reasons. It was impressive how he was able to handle the Town Toyota Center financial debacle right off the gate as Mayor and steer the city in the right direction to setup the city to grow and flourish in a financially strong position.

He is a very humble, down to earth professional who handles essentially two businesses. He is the Mayor of the city and runs his own CPA practice here in town. He is a very busy guy so we dive into how he handles doing both roles.

In this episode we cover topics including how he got into his CPA profession, becoming a city councilman and eventually Mayor, leadership , and strategic thinking on a large scale with multiple parties involved.

He shares what he has learned from leading the city and go beyond the business and politics side of things.

We also hear an update from Frank on what is going on around the City of Wenatchee, future plans for South Wenatchee, and what things could look like in the near future. Things are looking great with the Town Toyota Center behind us! We can look to the future with optimism and the city is taking an active role in doing what it can to help make strategic moves that will in turn make the city stronger and more vibrant than ever.

A few things that I personally took away from this episode:

How valuable and important it is to be honest and up front with what you are doing. This goes for especially if you have committed a mistake. Get the bad news out and face it head first. Don’t blind side anyone, have everyone included during the process and have buy in early on.

How strategic thinking and having a problem solving mentality comes into play in bigger problems with multiple parties involved. Thinking ahead, considering the replications of actions, and then having boldness to executing the action. Even when things may be in the gray. Playing with the gray, and taking that risk in order to become great.

Nothing replaces hard work. Put in the time and develop a strong work ethic. What you do after 5pm matters a great deal and what choices you make determine what will add value to your life and what will drain you. Are you becoming better or are you spending time and money on things that don’t add value to you and your life.

Learn how to turn it “off”. You can’t be “on” the entire time. Create the time to check out and relax. Get to know yourself enough to know when it is time to get away from it all and escape. Work hard, play hard.

How to think about risk. What’s the worst thing that could happen. Cap the downside and look at the upside. Evaluate it and move forward if it still makes sense in a worst case scenario. Setup exit plans and give yourself as many options as possible to mitigate risk as much as possible.

Success is not measured by others but by you. Nothing more important than family, supportive group of friends, and making this world a better place than how you found it. Don’t get caught up on things and materials. The most valuable things are not things.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. There was so much to unpack if you pay close attention and listen to how Frank thinks. It’s pretty fascinating.

Frank Kuntz, Mayor of City of Wenatchee

Frank Kuntz, CPA Practice

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