The Jessi Mendoza Show Ep. 007 Dave Bartholomew- Deconstructing Success, Leadership, and Marketing

I am excited for this new episode with Dave Bartholomew. Dave has been a Business Advisor for the past 13 years for Ascent Advising. He breaks down success, leadership, marketing and other ambiguous subjects. Dave pulls from great stories from his long standing career in business.

I enjoyed talking to Dave about what success means and what it doesn’t.

We also spoke about how we can find something that will give us a shot at successful by our own definition not someone else’s.

Dave stops and takes time to think about these sort of topics. He uses directed thought which leads to interesting insights and a unique perspective on success and leadership.

He learns from a diverse group of people and nature as well. Nature is a great teacher and Dave is keen on learning from our own backyard. He learned to appreciate reality from a squirrel and if the squirrel didn’t hoard nuts then he would starve in the winter.

We spoke about altitudes and how some feel comfortable flying at 5,000 ft or 25,000 ft but rarely fly up to 50,000 ft where it provides a new perspective at the bigger picture and get back to the fundamentals.

For example, leadership.

What is a leader?

We covered that, and Dave believes that it is someone who has a vision, shares and communicates that vision effectively and then equips and inspires others to attain that vision to make it a reality. A leader provides encouragement, direction, and reward.

The other topic we covered was career success and navigating the waters of finding something that is fulfilling and what variables are involved that help contribute to fruitful career that feels rewarding and enriching.

Something that I took away from this episode was that there is always an opportunity to learn. Keep your eyes and ears open for an opportunity to learn, appreciate, and reflect. Not from nature or from someone drastically different from you.

The other thing I learned was that it helps to change altitudes in our normal way of thinking from time to time to keep things in perspective and feel uncomfortable. That discomfort is what helps us grow and stay on the right course as we move through life. Many of the times it means flying all the way up to thinking bigger picture and putting things into perspective.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

Jessi Mendoza


Here are some links and resources that we covered in the episode:

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Dave’s Recommended Resource List

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