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The Jessi Mendoza Show Podcast Ep. 010 Frank Kuntz – Leading a city as Mayor and developing the foundation for community prosperity

Download Link I’m very excited for this new episode! Frank is heavily involved in the community and thinks big! I enjoy talking to people who think really big and long term! As the City of Wenatchee Mayor, Frank Kuntz is a leader who many look up to and for many reasons. It was impressive how […]

The Jessi Mendoza Show- Ep. 009 Lynda Finegold Brine -Cofounder of TedDriven Athletic Events, IronMan Triathlon Finisher, and philanthropic fundraising

Download Link Lynda Finegold Brine, co-founder of TedDriven, a premier athletic event company that currently hosts 2 marathons every year. One in Leavenworth during Oktoberfest and another one in Wenatchee in the spring. There is a philanthropic approach to TedDriven’s event since they donate part of the proceeds to cancer research. Lynda is a 6 […]

The Jessi Mendoza Show Ep. 008 Ruth Esparza – Persevering through childhood challenges and becoming a proud Mother

Download Link Wenatchee City Council member and Staff Attorney for Northwest Justice Project, Ruth Esparza has gone through some challenges early in her life. As a young single mother at age 23, she decided to pursue something bigger for herself and her daughter. Being raised by a single mother herself, Ruth lived in a household […]

The Jessi Mendoza Show Ep. 007 Dave Bartholomew- Deconstructing Success, Leadership, and Marketing

I am excited for this new episode with Dave Bartholomew. Dave has been a Business Advisor for the past 13 years for Ascent Advising. He breaks down success, leadership, marketing and other ambiguous subjects. Dave pulls from great stories from his long standing career in business. I enjoyed talking to Dave about what success means […]

The Jessi Mendoza Show: Ep: 006 Alex Haley- Wenatchee Comedian and just taking action to make it happen

Alex Haley, 29, is a comedian, promoter, co-founder and he has been doing comedy for over 6 years and now he has brought his comedic talent back to the Wenatchee Valley after graduating from college. Alex is the Co Founder of Field and Compass  where they create content and partner with local small businesses and promote quality. […]

The Jessi Mendoza Show: Ep. 005 Linda Haglund- The Cheerleader for the community and finding the good in everything

    Linda Haglund, Executive Director of the Wenatchee Downtown Association, joins us on the show with her amazing energy and community spirit. She was born and raised in Wenatchee and that a part of how she has been able to create, develop, and nurture so many relationships within the community. She is well known […]