Author: Jessi Mendoza

Washington State University Alumni, Financial Services Professional, passionate about Self Development and investing in oneself.

The Power of Habits

We are creatures of habit. That is pretty well known and a cliche. But when do we take a step back and evaluate our daily habits and how productive they are to where we want to go and who we want to be. Every day is a choice. We choose to eat that cheeseburger and […]

Taking Action

There’s only so much that we can watch, read, and talk about. There comes a point where the only step left to do is to jump and take action. That is how you will truly learn how to do something. I am at the stage of my life where I am taking action and deciding […]

Short video on Getting Started

A quick 3 minute video on where to get started and what to do. It is a mentality shift. I did not want to read another book after college. I was conditioned to not like books because I associated it with homework and that’s no fun. Once I learned how important reading was I decided […]

Getting over fear of Judgement & Rejection

Over the course of the past week or so, I have been exploring different mediums for my content. I want to find what works best for me and going along the theme of self-awareness I thought that my next logical step would be video. I started a YouTube channel and have uploaded a few videos […]

Words from the wise

Recently I had a great opportunity to sit down with some very successful people who I look up to. I asked them several questions on their mentality, success, career, and life. I learned so much that I thought I would share with you all. Enjoy 🙂 I have been learning how to give back and […]

Mentality Shift

I used to think what is in it for me. Why should I take the time or money to pay for someone else? Being selfish was simply what I was accustomed to. I need to look out for myself. Boy was I wrong. I didn’t know any different. I was happy. So I thought. I […]

Why invest in yourself?

I keep pushing myself. Keep learning and adapting. Every day, improve 1%. Expanding my comfort zone in order to explore the unknown.  If something makes you uncomfortable, GOOD ! Do it! You are old and wrinkly you won’t regret what you did do but what you didn’t do! Walking up to strangers and starting a […]