The Jessi Mendoza Show: Ep: 006 Alex Haley- Wenatchee Comedian and just taking action to make it happen

Alex Haley, 29, is a comedian, promoter, co-founder and he has been doing comedy for over 6 years and now he has brought his comedic talent back to the Wenatchee Valley after graduating from college.

Alex is the Co Founder of Field and Compass  where they create content and partner with local small businesses and promote quality. Check it out, the suggestions on there are really awesome and there are many more for around Washington State as well. They help you find places to eat, play, and drink. So much value here!

I really enjoyed this episode because Alex and I are the same age and we were able to connect on a similar level of who we know and are familiar with.

We talk about creating, finding what you like to do, and just taking action to make things happen.

Not waiting for the perfect moment because there will never be one. Not always relying on others to choose you. You have to choose yourself first and learn by doing.

Can’t wait to have all the answers or keep making excuses. Take action and make it happen yourself. You are the ultimate one responsible.

When local comedy places started to put up more barriers to perform for free or at a minimal cost, he decided to put on his own show.

This takes courage and a vision of what it is you want to make happen.

A theme that kept coming up was learning from the journey and through the process.

We also spoke about scratching your own itch and creating something that you would love and pursue something that you are already spending a significant amount of time and energy on.

This curiosity and interest is what will help fuel the journey since it can take a lot of time and patience.

Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. We had a lot of laughs and explored several topics.

– Jessi

email me your feedback or your take away from this episode! 🙂

Links & Resources:

Alex’s co Founder of Field & Compass

Alex Comedy Video from Wenatchee World 

LAPH Productions- Facebook Page – Stay in touch with Alex’s latest comedy shows

Email Alex for Comedy info or event info

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