Hello there my name is Jessi Mendoza and I have been a student of success since 2012.

I remain curious and always thirsty for knowledge of how top performers are able to achieve so much in life.

Growing up in a very small town in North Central Washington State I have been lucky enough to get to know local influential people and learn from them.

There are themes I picked up on and I write about them here.

I share what I have learned from reading dozens of books on the subject of success and behavioral psychology. I also share what my mentors, courses, and conferences have taught me.

I love to learn, teach, present, interview, and help others any way I can.

Big Seahawks Fan! Go Hawks! Also, Washington State University Alumni. Go Cougs!

I also love to travel and have traveled to Thailand and Mexico. Next year my wife and I are planning a Europe Trip to the United Kingdom and Italy.

My goal with this site is to help curate resources and help point others in the right direction when trying to find a path to success. Everyone’s definition of success varies, but I do my best at describing and deconstructing how success may look like in many different areas of life.

Health, Wealth, Love, and Relationships.

We are in this life together and on this Earth to share.

This is your journey, might as well enjoy it.