Month: June 2017

Why I started a Podcast?

A couple people asked me this question so I thought I would give a brief explanation why.   I started listening to podcasts a couple years ago and found them valuable. I never imagined starting one and here I am with 5 episodes down. I am excited and proud of this creation.   It is […]

The Jessi Mendoza Show: Ep. 005 Linda Haglund- The Cheerleader for the community and finding the good in everything

    Linda Haglund, Executive Director of the Wenatchee Downtown Association, joins us on the show with her amazing energy and community spirit. She was born and raised in Wenatchee and that a part of how she has been able to create, develop, and nurture so many relationships within the community. She is well known […]

Learning to Love the Journey

  The dream of becoming a successful businessman has always been with me. I used to focus only on the end goal. This led to impatience and frustration at myself for not reaching the goal yet. In the world where everything is about instant gratification, my delayed gratification muscle was still very weak. Why do […]