Month: November 2016

I was lost until I started to do this. . .

I didn’t know where to start or what to do. I knew I wanted to be rich and successful. These were my initial thoughts. I thought that is what I wanted and that is what would make me happy. I soon learned I couldn’t be further from the truth. I thought I would come up […]

Crashed my bike into a house when I was 8. . .

Being scared of failing and looking like an idiot is still a fear I am learning to deal with. It is so common and there is so much you can read on this subject alone. The problem is that reading more about it doesn’t help making it go away. Taking more action has helped though. […]

What Fascinates Me. . .

Looking at the world with a different lens has helped me create more- posts, pictures, ideas, and connect more things together. What do I mean by this? Well if i go back to how I used to think. 1 sided- only thinking about me, what is best for me, and how can I get ahead? […]

Remain Curious – YouTube Video

Always remain curious and seek the knowledge to quench the thirst to learn. Life is a journey of learning , growing, and along the way help others. We are in this together. Seek fulfillment and live with purpose. You drive your own ship. Know where you are going and don’t make excuses, make changes. Change […]

Wake up Call

Starting to see clearer. What sort of freedom is out there? Time to explore, find, and soak it in. Take a picture of what is aesthetically pleasing. Look for ways to release my creative energy. To express individuality. This is freeing and opens up so many doors. There’s many ways. A kid again at heart. […]

Digging Deeper

Taking the time to uncover the reason why I fear to be judged, rejected, or be left alone has been so valuable for me lately. I had to keep asking “WHY?” Why do I fear, what exactly does that fear stem from? What can I do about it? This is freeing once I let go […]